The Curse of Management Speak and how to AVOID it

Michaela Finegan


photo from the BBC website

“Set out to leave the first vapour trail in the blue-sky scenario.”
David Brent, The Office 

So now I have settled into sharing my thoughts on communications, I feel I am with friends and therefore will share my pet hate. Now I realise ‘HATE’ is a very strong word; a word I tell my children not to use, but  in this instance, I give myself permission.

It is my offering for ‘Room 101‘….. MANAGEMENT SPEAK

You know the stuff…the ‘blue sky thinking’ , the ‘thought shower’ ( apparently there was a time when ‘brain storm’ was considered offensive!), ‘pushing the envelope’!!!!!

REALLY ? I mean …..are you serious?

How can anyone keep a straight face when uttering these words? I’ve been in meetings where I have had to avert the eyes of fellow conspirators who also find the words amusing ( you know…

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About Michaela Finegan

Passionate about the NHS and making it better; for patients and staff. An avid fan of social media with the belief that, along with social marketing, social media the potential to positively affect how we use the NHS and how it provides services to us. First love is music, spending as much time as possible at gigs and festivals. Enduring, everlasting love for my two beautiful sons. All views my own.
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