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Passionate about the NHS and making it better; for patients and staff. An avid fan of social media with the belief that, along with social marketing, social media the potential to positively affect how we use the NHS and how it provides services to us. First love is music, spending as much time as possible at gigs and festivals. Enduring, everlasting love for my two beautiful sons. All views my own.

A Story That Begins With a Hospital, Ends With a Hospital (oh and there are hospitals in the middle of the story, too)

Originally posted on Headspace Perspective:
I was nervous about going to hospital this morning. It had been a long time coming, and many preparations had been put in place. Last night, I got ready my bag and the outfit I was going to wear, to help…

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Originally posted on Headspace Perspective:
Phew. The week has been hurly-burly, with myriad emotions. Bittersweet highs: so many people remembering Hugo for his birthday, beautiful gifts full of symbolism; Hugo’s Legacy trending on Twitter. Every day since Hugo’s birthday thinking what…

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A bowl of buttercream, gin on tap and a Joe shaped 5yr old with a cherry on top please. Then, and only then am I content …..

Originally posted on smalltimemum1:
‘isn’t motherhood just As soon as Lily was pulled out of me , I wanted another one.Lets get back on the horse I said to Rob. I just want more babies. I love babies babies’…

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With LOVE on New Year Eve- a message of thanks

As New Year Eve is here, and we look forward to welcoming a New Year I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the people who love and care for me, that I appreciate you all more than … Continue reading

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Farewell, 2014 – the worst year of my life – and the best

Originally posted on Headspace Perspective:
Well, 2014. In a few days it will be time for us to part ways. I shall be sorry to see you go. There will be some who will find that strange. Yes, 2014 has…

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The Imitation Game – art imitating real life?

Originally posted on Dr Sue Black:
Having spearheaded the most recent campaign to save Bletchley Park and being part of the campaign to get Alan Turing on a banknote I was very apprehensive about seeing the new film “The Imitation…

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Lest we forget : Letters of love from the front

Nov 9th 2014– Remembrance Sunday I am reading a book entitled, Love Letters of Great Men. It has  letters from men  such as Napoleon, Mozart, a letter from Pierre Curie to Marie… also has a few letters from soldiers fighting … Continue reading

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Domestic abuse: from having it all to a life of hell

Originally posted on sammieb1980: What struck me about this particle article this morning is that currently, only 6.5% of reported domestic violence incidents lead to a conviction – that is a shockingly low percentage and possibly another barrier as…

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That ‘Back to School’ stationary thing! – is it just me ?

That 'Back to School' stationary thing! – is it just me ?.

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Square Peg Round Hole

Originally posted on Headspace Perspective:
Perinatal mental health services have been in the news today – or rather, the lack of them. As has been reported in The Guardian, the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) found that half of the 193…

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